Visiting Citrix Summit 2020?

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Blog, Citrix

#### Visiting Citrix Summit 2020? Find out about our revolutionary transformation service 

Since last year’s Citrix Summit, we’ve been considering how the transition to cloud computing is impacting your services offerings. The role you play in helping your customers with their transformation strategies has been key in the development of our own strategy. 

You provide many important roles in workspace transformation for your clients, from disaster recovery, multi-cloud integration to app virtualization, and more. With that in mind, our product development has centered on developing a systematic framework that you can use with your customers that simplifies app transformation and lifecycle management. 

Our new service, Apps2Digital, delivers an intelligent way to transform and manage apps across multi-cloud digital workspaces.  

Come and speak to us to find out how to: 

* **Gather extensive insights** into your end-users computing environments. 

* **Rapidly transform applications** to virtual environments and automate packaging and delivery. 

* **Simplify** ongoing application life-cycle management. 

Apps2Digital enables you to help your customers take full advantage of existing platforms and the flexibility that public clouds offer.  All while bringing the business units closer to the rollout of applications. Utilizing our Azure hosted services, you can view a complete inventory of your customer’s applications in just a few days. You can quickly and easily guide prioritization, packaging for virtual delivery and seamless, rapid deployment. 

A key innovation in this process has been our A2D Formula system. A2D Formula standardizes and automates the packaging and deployment of any type of software, making the whole process repeatable. Compatible with any type of software, the service offers a large amount of commercial software formulas in our Apps Catalog. You can also develop your own formulas for commercial applications as well as apps developed in-house by your customers. This delivers you a great way to offer new and value-added service.  Thanks to our connected application store, which is integrated within Citrix StoreFront, you can see firsthand how well these two technologies communicate and the ease of integration with Citrix Cloud. 

It’s our goal to help you deliver new value-add to your customers while helping them to take full advantage of greater IT agility. We’re delighted to share our vision at Citrix Summit and enable you evolve your services in this new cloud age of constant change. 

**Apps2Digital │ the intelligent way to transform and manage apps across multi-cloud digital workspaces | Any app, any cloud** 

**Find us in the Solutions Expo hall to find out more.** 

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[Contact us](http://flexxible.com/contact) for more information. 

Lia Pieters


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