IT cloud solutions to improve the operational efficiency and mobility of the public sector

The public sector must lead the way in a world-class manner

Security and IT must accomplish this while enduring budget cuts year after year. This disparity is approaching the breaking point for many IT departments. Flexxible IT is aware of this situation and offers end-to-end virtual workspace solutions based on Citrix. Flexxible IT’s solution allows a true mobile workforce to be built, while maintaining secure access, as well as enhanced security from any location.

Developing a virtual workspace

In general, public employees travel more than most employees, due to their need to move between departments or branches. They need mobility virtualization-based tools that allow them to access applications and data securely from anywhere.

Regulatory compliance: Secure data and information

Flexxible IT is committed to adhering to regulatory requirements. All our data centers are located in the region and comply with all safety requirements. Information and applications are accessible by user authentication, based on defined security protocols. The level of access, auditing, and reporting capacities allow IT to oversee compliance with legal data protection requirements.

Simplified IT to improve productivity

Provide thousands of virtual desktops in minutes automatically with Flexxible IT’s solution. Reduce operation and management costs thanks to the advantages offered by virtualizing desktops and applications. Have all of your management consolidated in a single control panel.

Flexxible IT is unique for the public sector

Fast and simple deployment

Deploy 1 to 10,000 virtual workspaces in minutes with Flexxible IT’s automated solution. All image and application infrastructure comes prepared and ready for use.

Simplified management

Reduce your IT department’s workload with Flexxible|SUITE proprietary technology. All information is found on a single web panel that allows all infrastructure to be managed easily with just a few clicks. Eliminate the majority of incidents while creating an excellent user experience.


Flexxible IT’s orchestration engine automates most operations, removing the need for specialized expertise to manage the virtual workspaces or virtualized applications.

Adopt real BYOD policies

Flexxible IT desktops are accessible from any location and with any device. You only need an internet connection.

Reduce your TCO

Reduce ownership costs by taking advantage of all of the benefits of cloud computing. Save on energy and infrastructure.

NetScaler for secure access

Flexxible IT’s solution with a Citrix heart. Access with maximum security, thanks to established security protocols and roles with NetScaler.

Rapid provisioning

Speed is the key. Flexxible IT’s orchestrator automates all operations and allows you to create and deploy Windows templates to any Citrix pool.

Advanced monitoring

Dedicated monitoring system and alerts specific to VDI and applications that reduce incident response times.

Simplification of IT management

Flexxible IT is easy to manage. Implementation in multi-tenant and high-availability environments. Manage all infrastructure on a single responsive panel that consolidates and simplifies management.

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