IT cloud solutions for virtual workspaces in the finance and insurance sectors

The banking and finance industries never stop

The endless activities of the banking and finance industries require a safe environment, high availability of critical applications, and a distributed setting. As a unique cloud computing solution manufacturer, Flexxible IT features the proper vision of the future for financial and insurance organizations. Cloud solutions can protect organization data better, cut down both operative and administration costs, and guarantee business continuity.

Simplified management

Flexxible IT’s proprietary technology offers an online management panel that consolidates all of the operations available in the infrastructure. From a single control panel, you can manage MVs, images, storage, servers, and more.

Reduction in incidents

The number of incidents are reduced thanks to SDI and VDI infrastructure, which manages thousands of desktops as if they were just a few PC’s. IT complications are eliminated and companies are more productive.


Flexxible IT’s orchestration engine automates operations for maximum reduction in time spent managing and maintaining virtual workspaces and virtualized applications.

Mobility, without setting security aside

Flexxible IT provides mobility while preserving control over devices and access to data at all times, maintaining compliance with legal requirements. Employees can use any device with an internet connection to access their email and corporate mission-critical and productivity data. The connection is secure at all times, with multi-factor authentication and without breaches. Mobility is especially useful for directors who need to have information available at all times. Being able to access organizational applications at any moment allows for faster decision-making with greater reliability.

Security and availability of data

Protect sensitive customer and business data, reduce risk and ensure compliance without sacrificing market responsiveness, establishing granular access security with multi-factor authentication.

An optimal user experience

Desktops, applications and data are delivered securely, on demand, and with an optimal user experience. Workers increase productivity while offering exceptional client service.

Mobility without limits anywhere

Increase employee productivity, satisfaction and commitment by providing the possibility of working from any location, with any device and over any connection.

Cost reduction

Consolidate and standardize all desktops, applications and data in the same data center while reducing maintenance costs and the complexity of infrastructure.

Commitment to availability

Guarantee little to no idle time and maintain your workforce’s productivity by giving access to desktops, Windows applications, online applications and data at all times.

Simpler consolidation

With Flexxible IT’s virtualization solution, financial organizations can complete acquisitions and mergers in less time.

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