IT solutions in the cloud to improve mobility of the education sector

Transforming the traditional workspace into a much more accessible one

The explosion of technology in the education sector has definitively transformed the teaching world. Interactive whiteboard and online platform solutions that offer better options for accessing information represent a first step. The next will be to offer a virtual workspace that is accessible from anywhere and devices that create an experience as if you were right there in the office. It is time to improve the quality of education by taking the classroom outside the schools.

Fast and simple deployment

The education sector does not always have IT resources it needs. Flexxible IT offers a turnkey solution, ready to use in almost no time at all, without the need for technical expertise that simplifies implementation and management.

Simplified management

Anyone can manage the VDI environment thanks to our proprietary Flexxible|SUITE technology. All information can be found on a single web panel that allows all infrastructure to be managed easily with just a few clicks.


Flexxible IT’s orchestration engine automates most operations so no specialized expertise is needed to manage the virtual workspace or virtualized applications.

A Workspace accessible from anywhere for students, researchers and teaching staff

Designed for customers looking to bring automation to their data center, leveraging secure cloud technologies to manage on premise workspace deployments. The two node resilient architecture provides enterprise high availability as standard.

The education of a new generation. BYOD and high performance applications

The need to access information from specific location or using a specific device is a thing of the past. Flexxible IT’s solution promotes BYOD (bring your own device) and provides access from any location in the world. Users have resources and applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Suite or Office 365 available all the time, creating flexibility, while optimizing study time and dramatically improving grade point averages.

Being a technological leader improves institutional image

For educational institutions, the added value of integrating new technologies in the classroom translates to a better reputation, while making them leaders in innovation. The explosion of virtual desktops in the classroom represents a new form of learning and working that breaks temporal limitations. With Flexxible IT’s solution, schools are still accessible even when they are closed. Have the ability to do research in the library, even if your reference material is not available. Students can do their coursework even while traveling.

Workspace infrastructures that are even more secure

Access to workspaces is done through two-factor authentication. Data and resources are protected by special roles and permissions for each user type. The infrastructure is protected with additional security protocols that limit access to devices infected with malware or with security breaches.

With virtual workspace infrastructure, recovering data after an incident is easier and faster (improved RTO and RPO), thanks to the advantages of the cloud and virtualization.

Flexxible IT’s virtual workspaces will help you to…

Unify your IT. Make management easier and more secure

Managing complex scenarios is an extremely difficult task for IT departments in this sector, and in many cases can lead to budget and personnel cuts. Flexxible IT offers a solution that balances these needs with a desktop and application infrastructure that can be managed on a single panel. All changes are replicated for all users, providing a consistent experience and reducing management costs for the IT department.

Delivery of applications, high availability and management cost reductions

Centralizes management and the delivery of Windows applications to users. Management costs are reduced to those of an infrastructure designed for just a few users. Provides applications ensuring 24×7 access to resources, including when outside of facilities. Offers applications like Photoshop, Office 365 and AutoCAD to boost productivity and promote access to new educational resources, achieving better service at a lower cost.

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