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Flexxible IT | What is DaaS

What is DaaS?

Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a cloud computing offering in which a third party hosts the back end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment.

With DaaS, desktop operating systems run inside virtual machines on servers in a cloud provider’s data center. The necessary support infrastructure, including storage and network resources, also lives in the cloud. As with on-premises VDI, a DaaS provider streams virtual desktops over a network to a customer’s endpoint devices, where end users may access them through client software or a web browser.

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Together, we build a hybrid future workplace. Flexxible and Kyndryl have been enabling virtual workspaces on public, hybrid, or private cloud since 2017.

How does DaaS work?

DaaS architecture is multi-tenant, and organizations purchase the service through a subscription model — typically based on the number of virtual desktop instances used per month.

In the desktop-as-a-service delivery model, the cloud computing provider manages the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security, and upgrades. While the provider handles all the back-end infrastructure costs and maintenance, customers usually manage their own virtual desktop images, applications, and security, unless those desktop management services are part of the subscription.

Typically, an end user’s personal data is copied to and from their virtual Desktop during logon and logoff, and access to the Desktop is device-, location- and network-independent.

Flexxible IT | How does DaaS work?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Benefits

Flexxible IT | DaaS Flexibility


Access to desktops and applications anywhere

  • Securely access desktops and apps
  • Simplifies BYOD scenarios
  • Accessible from anywhere
Flexxible IT | Security


Security is always top of mind

  • Enables secure access to desktop and apps
  • Data is securely stored and protected
  • Security is embedded, so simple for any user
Flexxible IT | Scalable


Scale with the demands of the business

  • Rapidly spin up desktops and apps
  • Move IT spend from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Adapt to the needs of the business on-demand
FlexxWorkspaces | Uncomplicate Hybrid Cloud

Business Continuity

Keep the business running no matter what

  • Keep your end-users productive no matter the situation
  • Drastically reduce downtime
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen events
Flexxible IT | User Interface


Hide the technology and make support simple

  • Manage your desktops and apps centrally
  • Keep the technology hidden and streamline support
  • Indirectly make your end-users happy


Why replace when you can enhance the technology

  • Works with Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft
  • Use your endpoint client and protocol of choice
  • Enables a workspace that is accessible from anywhere
FlexxWorkspaces | Citrix Ready Partner

Citrix and Flexxible enable Desktop as a Service anywhere

Why Citrix & Flexxible IT?

  • Unique: Together, we bring a built-on Citrix fully managed stack to any data center and cloud, enabling DaaS anywhere.
  • Cost: FlexxDesktop can lower your per-seat/virtual machine costs by upwards of 40% offering a per-month cost that is inclusive of all costs (taxes included).
  • Employee Experience: Flexxible manages, supports, and maintains the environment, therefore, ensuring optimal user experience powered by Citrix Workspace.
Flexxible IT | Why DaaS?

Why DaaS?

End-users expect to access their digital workspace from anywhere on any device. Traditional PC environments are burdened with IT management challenges ranging from simple employee password resets to complex data security patches and updates. These take up valuable time for IT administrators and can also impact the user experience and limit productivity. Parallel, enterprises are looking for a low-cost, simple solution to securely deliver the apps and desktops people need to get their work done.

While many customers turn to virtualization, the process often requires capital investments and specialized IT skills. In response, many organizations are looking for a simplified solution that works within an operational expense structure. DaaS can be a viable option for customers like the centralization, security, and management of VDI but are attracted to the simplicity of having a professional organization perform essential desktop management on their behalf.

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Why DaaS with FlexxDesktop?

Fully managed, hybrid DaaS anywhere

Control your DaaS destiny – FlexxDesktop is an all-inclusive, fully managed DaaS solution in your data center, the cloud, or both. We provide ultimate performance, end-to-end security, and full redundancy. Technology should not be a hurdle – we fully integrate with Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft! Our complete solution allows you to focus on what matters, the end-users digital experience.

Flexxible IT | Fully managed, hybrid DaaS anywhere

Trusted By Customers Worldwide

“Creating new desktops and delivering additional applications to users is pretty, pretty simple using FLEXXIBLE IT. It’s a transparent and agile process that enables our IT to develop hand-in-hand with the business.”


VDI vs DaaS

Desktop as a service (DaaS) provides all the advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including remote worker support, improved security, and ease of desktop management.

Deploying VDI in-house requires a significant upfront investment in compute, storage, and network infrastructure. However, those costs have decreased thanks to the emergence of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure systems purpose-built for VDI. DaaS aims to provide additional cost benefits over traditional VDI.

With DaaS, organizations pay no upfront costs. They only pay for the virtual desktops they use each month. Over time, however, these subscription costs can add up and eventually be higher than the capital expenses of deploying on-premises VDI.

Flexxible IT takes the best of VDI and DaaS, merges them, and provides both concepts through FlexxDesktop.

Flexxible IT | VDI vs DaaS

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