Uncomplicate Hybrid Cloud

FlexxWorkspaces simplifies support, automation, and intelligence for any hybrid cloud scenario

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Get Out of Hybrid Hell

FlexxWorkspaces hides the complexities and streamlines support

FlexxWorkspaces is the primary control plane for FlexxDesktop. Its primary focus is to simplify supporting and managing the hybrid cloud. FlexxWorkspace was born in Microsoft Azure; it runs in your tenant and provides a single pane console to manage any hybrid cloud scenario. With support in mind, it offers a seamless way for level 1 and level 2 administrators and the helpdesk to support and triage various hybrid cloud issues reliably. FlexxWorkspaces eliminates the need for non-qualified administrators and support personnel to utilize the underlying technologies to support the hybrid cloud scenarios they are presented in their day-to-day.

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FlexxWorkspaces drastically simplifies Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) management and support with the automation of everyday processes that would otherwise require time-consuming manual intervention. With a single pane console for administration and support, FlexxWorkspaces allows enterprise IT to focus on delivering the best levels of service and the ultimate digital employee experience.

FlexxWorkspaces | Hybrid cloud can be simple

Support, automation, and intelligence for any hybrid cloud

Streamlined Support

Hybrid cloud support can be easy

  • Session control, shutdown, logoff, restart, and disconnect
  • Delegated administration for L1 and L2 support
  • No azure administrative rights required

Any Cloud Scenario

Hybrid cloud simplified in a single console

  • Resource management across any cloud
  • Multi-tenant management
  • Native Microsoft Azure subscription support
FlexxWorkspaces | Uncomplicate Hybrid Cloud

Effortless Management

Reporting and performance data enabling faster SLAs

  • Single dashboard view across any cloud scenario
  • Change auditing to enforce transparency and compliance
  • Connection history for security and support scenarios

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Extend the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Save upwards of 40% average per month on public cloud leveraging power management

FlexxWorkspaces allows enterprise IT to fully optimize hybrid cloud resources and consumption. Ensure virtual machines are powered off or are powered on based on criteria; for example, shut down a virtual machine without sessions or place virtual machines in drain mode and shut down once no connected sessions are present. With FlexxWorkspaces, virtual machines are powered on only when they are in use with the ability to schedule off and on times by user-name, security group, or time zones.

FlexxDesktop Dashboard
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Uncomplicate AVD Support and Management

Achieve uncompromised services levels, performance, and employee experience on AVD

  • Cost Savings: Save an average of 60% on monthly Azure Virtual Desktop consumption and cloud costs.
  • Management: Single-pane management delivers proactive monitoring with real-time data to support your Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure.
  • Support: Improve user satisfaction and productivity with a dedicated controlled and secured support console built on Microsoft Azure.
  • Security: FlexxWorkspaces is installed and is entirely self-contained within the customer’s Azure Tenant.
  • Multi-Tenant Management: From a single console, whether you are a managed service provider or an enterprise with multiple Azure tenants, manage multiple tenants all from one place.

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