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FlexxWorkspaces – Your way out of hybrid cloud hell

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Blog, DaaS, FlexxDesktop, FlexxWorkspaces

What does hybrid mean? Hybrid is a word we hear a lot, especially with the state of the world today. Meriam-Webster defines hybrid as “something that is formed by combining two or more things.” If we pivot and look at the adjective definition, hybrid is “having two different types of components performing essentially the same function.”

Now couple cloud with hybrid, and we get ‘hybrid cloud.’ What does that really mean? In the hybrid cloud world, having two [or more] components can mean a lot of things! Some simple examples are:

  1. End-User Compute: Leveraging a core technology like Citrix or VMware but running the infrastructure, the technologies, the virtual desktops, and applications across two data centers.
  2. Virtual Desktops: Running virtual desktop on-premises in the data center and leveraging a cloud technology like Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).
  3. Server-Based Computing: Having hosted applications run in an on-premises data center but leveraging a managed data center like Equinix for redundancy.
  4. Server Compute: The primary data center runs most of your compute, while an IaaS cloud like AWS runs other workloads.

Hybrid cloud is a great concept, but it opens up IT to a plethora of complexities. Those complexities are then passed to the helpdesk, where they are left to fend for themselves, and most certainly, an angry end-user will call with an issue. End-users are faced with new ways to be productive, yet their digital experience may be impacted. In short, hybrid cloud can be hellacious.

FlexxWorkspaces – The path out of hybrid hell

FlexxWorkspaces is the primary control plane for FlexxDesktop. Its primary focus is to simplify supporting and managing hybrid cloud. FlexxWorkspace was born in Microsoft Azure; it runs in your tenant and provides a single pane console to manage any hybrid cloud scenario. With support in mind, it offers a seamless way for level 1 and level 2 administrators and support to support and triage various hybrid cloud issues reliably. FlexxWorkspaces eliminates the need for non-qualified administrators and support personnel to have to utilize the underlying technologies to support the hybrid cloud scenarios they are presented in their day-to-day. FlexxWorkspaces will get you out of hybrid hell!

FlexxWorkspaces v22.01 – New Features

The development was bustling in the last few months, and we recently released a significant update to FlexxWorkspace.

V22.01 New Features and Improvements:

  1. Expanded Hybrid Cloud Support: Support for physical and virtual devices and the following cloud brokers, on-premises brokers, and hypervisors.
    • Devices
      • Physical 
      • Virtual  
    • Brokers
      • Amazon Workspaces
      • Azure Virtual Desktop
      • Citrix Cloud
      • Citrix On-premises
      • Parallels RAS
      • Unknown
      • VMware Horizon
      • Windows 365
    •  Hypervisors
      • Amazon Web Services
      • Citrix Hypervisor
      • Google Cloud
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Microsoft Hyper-V
      • Nutanix
      • Oracle Cloud
      • Physical
      • VMware vSphere
  2. Simple Filtering: New one-click filter for device type, broker, cloud, and hypervisor
  3. UI enhancements:
    • Session hosts and Devices are now combined into Workspaces.
    • Add an icon to navigate to Workspaces.
    • New widgets for device type, broker, cloud, and hypervisor as shown in New Features.
    • Workspaces now has a one-click filter for device type, broker, cloud, and hypervisor.
    • Numbers with a warning icon were not correctly aligned.
    • For the CPU graph, put % and remove decimals.
    • Change the Memory scale to GB.
    • Show alert thresholds for CPU, Memory, and User Input Delay graphs.
    • FlexxWorkspaces and the FlexxAgent can now detect and manage multiple brokers from a device. The list of possible brokers is shown in New Features.
    • Show active alerts on the Workspace and session view.
    • Install new Microsoft Edge on FlexxWorkspaces VM and replace Internet Explorer.

Join us on February 9th 2022 for our inaugural FlexxSession webinar. We will highlight the latest release of FlexxWorkspaces. Click HERE to register.

For more information on the FlexxWorkspaces release, click HERE.

To submit feature ideas for FlexxWorkspaces, click HERE.

 For information on FlexxDesktop, click HERE.

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