Thin Client as a Service by Flexxible IT® y LG Business Solutions

A superior device, entirely cloud managed.

Package includes

LG Cloud Device – All-in-One Thin Client 27CN650W

LG Cloud Device Manager


3 years or more contract, with the chance of replacing the device during the contract life

All-In-One Thin Client

A more efficient work environment

Work with the most visual comfort and see sharper images from any angle, due to its IPS panel. Enjoy a clean setting, with less cables, and its ergonomic adjustment, to fit your every need and comfort.

The best performance

Work faster with its 4 core processor and stronger memory capacity; maximize your productivity in a multimonitor setting thanks to its compatibility with two 4K UHD simultaneous display. Also, the AiO its fanless designed to get a longer performance.

Unprecedented connectivity

Organize online meetings & videoconferences using the Pop-up Full HD camera and its built in speakers. The 27CN650 series has multiple USB connections USB Type-C, two USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.1.

Compatible with

Operative System



LG Cloud Device Manager




The optimized management software for the Flexxible IT Cloud Devices. When installing it on Cloud Devices with Windows IoT, the devices are centrally managed and controlled to improve work efficiency and lower the effects of TCO.

Make security more powerful


LG Cloud Devices offer greater protection of the company’s sensitive and confidential information. With LG Cloud Devices, LG Cloud Device Manager helps IT managers to configure Thin Client devices such as restricting the use of unauthorized USB peripherals (storage, webcam) and preventing software installation.

Simply manage all Thin Clients whenever you want


LG Cloud Device Manager offers easy and simple management of Thin Clients. IT managers are able to conveniently check the status of every Thin Client on the dashboard all at once. Web-based UI helps the administrator access and manage Thin Clients without additional installation of management programs.

Effectively reduce management work


LG Cloud Device Manager allows IT managers to manage Thin Clients easily. Centralized configuration and control through the Cloud Device Manager can save time and costs. This means IT managers can focus on other valuable tasks.



Apps2Digital is an online evergreen lifecycle management service for virtual workspace applications. Through a wellness dashboard, the assessment capabilities of the service deliver key metrics of employee interactions with their digital workspaces.

Understanding applications and resources in use

The Apps2Digital agents collect application usage data (exe and SaaS) from user devices, and the service automatically classifies the applications and orders the usage data in an intelligible way.

Standardized packaging and delivery of applications

Based on the application catalog and resource consumption data, applications are packaged using an automated and repeatable platform and deployment decisions are made.

Digital wellbeing management

With the knowledge of time spent on productivity tools, collaboration and other business applications at their fingertips, companies can measure and suggest guidelines for digital wellbeing, ensuring that their employees have the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain their health, and therefore achieve sustainable productivity.

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