FlexxDesktop: Desktop as a Service for the Enterprise

FlexxDesktop: Desktop as a Service for the Enterprise

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Blog, FlexxDesktop

According to Gartner, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an end-to-end solution that provides virtual desktops or applications from a remote hosted location such as a public cloud. DaaS should eliminate the need to purchase infrastructure related to virtual desktops infrastructure (VDI) or server-based computing (SBC) and give customers the ability to pay monthly via a subscription.

The problem is, what happens when an enterprise already has a hefty investment in Citrix or VMware? How can they enable DaaS in that scenario?

The solution is simple – FlexxDesktop. FlexxDesktop takes the benefit of DaaS in the public cloud and allows enterprises to enable DaaS in their data centers, any cloud, or both.

Types of DaaS

To fully understand DaaS, we need to level-set on the types of DaaS solutions available today.

  1. Client-defined DaaS: The client defines the solution from the device into the data center. Examples would include Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops either natively or leveraging Citrix and VMware. The downside of this type is that the client is wholly responsible for maintaining the stack top to bottom.
  2. Vendor-defined DaaS: The vendor defines a bulk of the solution, and the client has less to manage overall. The vendor, in most cases, will manage their components and allow the client to maintain and manage their virtual desktop and applications. The downside of this type, typically you are locked to a single cloud.
  3. Managed DaaS: In this case, the entire stack is managed, and the vendor controls the technologies within the stack. The vendor also provides end-to-end management of the operating system and, in some cases, end-user support.

What is FlexxDesktop?

FlexxDesktop is a vendor-defined solution with the ability to enable add-on services where the client sees fit. FlexxDesktop is deployed in the enterprise or an MSP. The benefit of FlexxDesktop is that it will allow you to utilize your existing environment, migrate to a public cloud, and layer the benefit of DaaS on top of it all.


FlexxDesktop sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s explore some other common questions received in the last few weeks with our customer pre-briefings.

I already own Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (on-premises) or VMware Horizon (on-premises). Can I still leverage FlexxDesktop?

The simple answer is yes, but let’s explore where and how with a few key examples.

  1. Hardware: FlexxDesktop offers a full pay-as-you-go on-premises stack that includes computing, networking, and storage. It is fully managed and pay-as-you-grow. We partner with Dell EMC, HPE, and SuperMicro. So if you are in the market for a cost-effective HCI 2.0 platform, FlexxDesktop should be on your shortlist.
  2. Hybrid Cloud Support: Microsoft Azure is top of mind for many but is an added complexity for the helpdesk. FlexxDesktop streamlines L1 and L2 support across the DaaS stack, whether using an underlying technology, running in the data center, or leveraging the cloud. The end-user experience should be the focus, and FlexxDesktop allows for simplified troubleshooting.
  3. Migration: Whether migrating from Citrix to VMware, on-premises to cloud, or data center to data center, FlexxDesktop can enable the ability to migrate with ease. With our automation, quick config, and migration capabilities, we can migrate with ease.

Bundle this all together, and you get public cloud benefits in your own data center.

Does FlexxDesktop include support?

Since FlexxDesktop is a managed solution, we support the hardware and software as part of the cost. That said, since we are offering DaaS, we also offer L2 and L3 support for your end-user issues. Support can be added on as part of the service or done through a channel partner.

I don’t have a Microsoft Azure Subscription, is that OK?

That is perfectly fine! FlexxDesktop comes with a Microsoft Azure subscription that is fully managed and ready for workloads. You will only pay for what you utilize. The goal is simple, FlexxDesktop wants to enable the ability to ‘flex’ to the cloud when needed. This scenario gives options and elasticity with the desktops and the applications.

What happens if I have an Azure agreement, account, and subscription in place?

No problem! FlexxDesktop requires a dedicated Microsoft Azure subscription that we would fully manage as part of the price and ‘flex’ workloads if needed. Remember, you only pay for what you utilize, and the cost is inclusive to FlexxDesktop.

What makes Flexxible IT stand out against the competition?

FlexxDesktop offers much value, but where it excels is the following:

  1. No upfront investment
  2. Public cloud and on-premises in pay-as-you-go format from day one (hybrid digital workspaces)
  3. Project costs covered in pay per use per user, without any other unknown or unexpected costs
  4. The technology is certified by Microsoft and Citrix, which permits exceptional user experience and security
  5. Our experience; We have migrated hundreds of thousands of users to hybrid digital workspaces
  6. We offer flexibility to change amounts of virtual users based on need at any time

Can you describe the service in one sentence?

FlexxDesktop combines public cloud and on-premises infrastructure, enabling Desktop-as-a-Service without surprises.


 For information on FlexxDesktop, click here.

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