FlexxDesktop - Enable Desktop as a Service Anywhere, On Your Terms

Enable Desktop as a Service Anywhere, On Your Terms

by | Oct 26, 2021 | DaaS, FlexxDesktop

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Flexxible IT is incredibly proud to be able to launch FlexxDesktop officially! We have been building and enabling Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in the enterprise since 2008, and today we expand that focus to enable DaaS anywhere on your terms!

What does this mean, “your terms?” Let’s explore how FlexxDesktop is allowing the enterprise to build a DaaS solution that fits their needs!

FlexxDesktop optimizes DaaS for the Enterprise

The biggest issue with DaaS today is choice. The enterprise should have a choice on where they place desktops along with their preferred vendor. FlexxDesktop allows the enterprise to:

  1. Quickly converge the cloud, and the compute edge allowing for DaaS to be anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Pay-as-you-go DaaS allows enterprises to pay for what they use and grow at their own pace.
  3. Provide a better end-user experience allowing enterprise helpdesks to support their DaaS implementation easily.

FlexxDesktop allows the cloud to have no boundaries

FlexxDesktop is the future of DaaS, where edge computing and cloud computing converge to give a choice to run virtual desktops anywhere or everywhere. This allows enterprises to:

  1. Integrating with any cloud enables the enterprise to migrate to Microsoft AVD and maximize their on-premises investment seamlessly.
  2. Leveraging Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware allows the enterprise to choose and transition between vendors as they see fit.
  3. Single pane management for hybrid DaaS allows the enterprise to support the end-user without the complexity of the underlying technology.

FlexxDesktop offers pay-as-you-go DaaS on anything

FlexxDesktop allows enterprises to migrate existing environments to any cloud with ease at a cost that is OPEX friendly. This allows the enterprise to:

  1. Incurring no up-front investment allows enterprises to grow at their own pace and not be locked in.
  2. Combining on-premises with public cloud allows enterprises to flex workloads between on-premises and cloud
  3. Being OPEX focused allows enterprises to pay for what they use and keep their costs predictable

FlexxDesktop is available today in a subscription pricing model, so it allows enterprises to migrate existing environments to any cloud with ease at a cost that is OPEX friendly. Many DaaS vendors lock customers to a single platform or cloud. The cloud may not be feasible for some, and the data center is still needed. FlexxDesktop enables DaaS to enhance the digital experience for any end-user through a simplified management architecture built for any cloud or any data center.

FlexxDesktop enables enterprises to have a choice. DaaS is complex, and FlexxDesktop aims to simplify the day-to-day management and give enterprises the choice to use any vendor, their data center, their edge, and any cloud.

Flexxible IT will give an overview and highlight the key features of FlexxDesktop via a webinar on November 3, 2021, at 11:00 AM EST. You can register here.

For information on FlexxDesktop, click here.

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