Enabling Digital Wellbeing with Citrix Workspace

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Blog, Digital Wellbeing

Citrix Workspace has a straightforward goal in mind: People should work anywhere, how they want, and with the right technology in place. Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT has a straightforward goal: help organizations help people find their digital wellbeing. The good news is, now you can have both in one single digital workspace, Citrix Workspace, with intelligence leveraging Citrix’s Microapp service. Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT is now an approved microapp in the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

What is Digital Wellbeing?

Let’s face it; the last 18+ months have been tough on all of us, and the balance of work vs. home vs. life is challenging. According to a recent Google Consumer Survey, 1 in 3 Americans have taken steps to improve their digital wellbeing, and 80% of them said it had a positive impact on their life. According to a recent Deloitte survey, 67% of respondents were still fully remote working. According to PwC, 55% of employees will remain remote for three days per week even when we are back to normal. How does digital wellbeing fit into all this?

Working remote is a nice perk.; sure, it lowers commute time, allows you to be more productive, and enables a flexible schedule, but it can also wear on you over time. Separation of work and home, working long hours without leaving the house, and merging your work life with your home life can impact your mental stress or wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing is the ability to balance your work life with your home life and eventually balance hybrid working. Remote work is a two-way street; the employer wants to know you are productive, yet the employee needs to maintain good wellbeing. Even when the workforce is back in the office, wellbeing is still essential!

Activity can be measured in many capacities, but we keep it simple:

  • Productive time: How long is the employee productive
  • Focus time: How long does the employee focus or works a task for more than 30-minutes
  • Collaboration time: How lone does the employee collaborate

Wellness can be measure in many capacities as well, but we keep it succinct:

  • Breaks: How often does the employees take breaks
  • Exercise: How often does the employee exercise
  • Work Disconnection: How often does the employee disconnect

The goal is to balance productivity with wellbeing, enabling a healthy and effective employee.

Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT

Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT balances employee wellbeing through healthy technology use. The typical workspace went from a physical office to a digital one quickly, and finding the right balance of productivity, focus, and wellbeing is exceptionally challenging. Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT balances visibility, a culture of empowerment, and wellness for both the employee and the company. Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT aims to protect the wellbeing of your employees. “Technostress” is real and does affect your employees. Understanding how and why will enable companies to prioritize the employees’ digital wellbeing.

  • Analyze Digital Behaviors: Get a holistic view of how employees interact with their digital workspaces allowing companies to understand challenges faced in the day-to-day interaction with technology.
  • Develop Digital Wellbeing: Employees’ wellbeing is the primary goal. Yet, a work-life balance with home-life is critical to ensure their relationship with technology is healthy and their privacy is protected.
  • Improve Professional Activity: With visibility into the working trends of their day to day, employees can improve their interaction with technology while promoting their health and wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT protects the privacy of every employee (no screenshots, no keylogging, and no recording), allowing them to decide how they share. The goal is simple, help organizations help people – help your employees find their digital wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT is now a Citrix Ready MicroApps

Most applications are overkill, and most end-users only use a small percentage of said application. A simple example is Microsoft Outlook – 80% of the time, you use it to send emails, so why do you need to open the entire application? Parallel, legacy applications require training for very little utilization, so how can you place a simple frontend on a said application? Citrix Microapps simplifies applications so end-users can be more efficient in their digital workspace.

Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT is simple to use, but why should you have to leave Citrix Workspace to leverage it? We have released three microapps for Citrix Workspace to enable companies to prioritize the employees’ digital wellbeing.

  • Assess: Quickly assess the activity and wellbeing of an employee (their point of view) or a team.
  • View: Visually have a summary of productivity time, focus time, collaboration, but also see breaks, exercise, and work disconnection.
  • Understand: Have a holistic view of how an employee and team interact with their digital workspace day-to-day.
  • Resolve: Identify and improve professional activity balanced by good digital health and wellbeing.

Combining Citrix Workspace and Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT will make it easy for employees to assess, view, and understand their digital wellbeing in a simple, central digital workspace. It will allow organizations and managers to understand their team’s effectiveness and wellbeing quickly. Finally, it will promote Citrix Workspace by enabling a healthy balance of productivity and wellbeing.

For more information on Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT, click here.

For more information on Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT Citrix Microapps, click here.

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