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Kyndryl + Flexxible IT

Kyndryl is Flexxible IT’s most important partner 

We have been affected immensely by Kyndryl’s positive, contagious energy, which boosts us to break down old barriers and pushes us to accelerate our reinvention to the “new” Flexxible IT, to be on par with the “new” Kyndryl.

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“Flexxible IT® has been an excellent partner for Kyndryl – together we are helping customers modernize their digital workplaces to improve productivity, collaboration and elevate the employee experience.”



Kyndryl Digital Workplace Services

Together, we enable enterprises to deploy and fully manage digital workspaces to any data center, edge, or cloud

Flexxible IT partners with the Digital Workplace Services Global Practice at Kyndryl, which works to create a seamless hybrid workplace that enhances employee experiences and productivity.

Kyndryl + Flexxible IT | Digital Workplace Services

Kyndryl Digital Workplace Services

Why Flexxible IT + Kyndryl Digital Workplace Services

Kyndryl + Flexxible IT | Digital Workplace Services

End-User Experience

Enhance end-user experience and productivity

  • Improve end-user experience impact by 30%
  • Enhance end-user security and access
  • Real-time reporting monitoring, and troubleshooting
Kyndryl + Flexxible IT | Digital Workplace Services

Managed Service

Reduce management and support costs

  • Reduce management costs by 30%
  • Fully managed and supported architecture
  • Single pane management for any cloud scenario
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End-to-End Support

Significantly decrease the number of support incidents

  • Decrease the number of service desk calls by 50%
  • Operations support increases productivity
  • Keep users happy with a personalized and optimized experience

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Flexxible IT | Why DaaS?

Why DaaS?

End-users expect to access their digital workspace from anywhere on any device. Traditional PC environments are burdened with IT management challenges ranging from simple employee password resets to complex data security patches and updates. These take up valuable time for IT administrators and can also impact the user experience and limit productivity. Parallel, enterprises are looking for a low-cost, simple solution to securely deliver the apps and desktops people need to get their work done.

While many customers turn to virtualization, the process often requires capital investments and specialized IT skills. In response, many organizations are looking for a simplified solution that works within an operational expense structure. DaaS can be a viable option for customers like the centralization, security, and management of VDI but are attracted to the simplicity of having a professional organization perform essential desktop management on their behalf.

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FLexxBlog: Automating MSIX Packaging With PowerShell
Automating MSIX Packaging With PowerShell

Automating MSIX Packaging With PowerShell

In this article we have seen how a machine can be prepared for packaging of applications in MSIX format and specifically how this can be automated. Couple this with the automated building of a fresh packaging virtual machine, such as through Azure ARM templates, or using a hypervisor’s native ability to produce revertible snapshots, we have a solid base we can use for packaging applications.

The New Role of IT

The New Role of IT

The new role of IT is a role where they focus on providing a secured application, desktop, or both to the end-user without the worry of having to maintain and support the infrastructure underneath.

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Flexxible IT | Simplify Citrix with FlexxDesktop DaaS

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