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Flexxible IT is the #1 Cloud platform for Citrix on-premise and Citrix Cloud deployments

Our mission is to enable companies to deliver the best digital workspace experience across the entire organization

Since 2008, Flexxible IT has been researching and implementing VDI technology for virtual desktops in the cloud and on-premise. We have the necessary know-how and extensive experience in high-density, VDI environments with an end-to-end industrialized virtual workspace solution for Citrix.

Development and research in applications and desktop virtualization have led us to create a set of industrialized virtual workspace solutions that are one of a kind on the market:

Our History

Flexxible DaaS Solution

We launched DaaS service. Users gain mobility and security, while organizations benefit from better availability, flexibility and increased savings in service provision with less hassle, thanks to a comprehensive VDI solution.



VDI System for Enterprise

We launched the Flexxible|VDI System Appliance for large enterprises, now called Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces Platinum Appliance. The only turnkey desktop and application virtualization solution in a hyperconvergent appliance on the market.

Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces for SME

In 2016, we launched the Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces Enterprise Appliance for SMEs. We are providing a hyperconvergent turnkey appliance (servers, networks and storage), ready in a maximum of two hours. A hyperconvergent appliance specially designed for the SME market that can be managed without the need for IT personnel specialized in virtualization.



Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces for Citrix Cloud Appliance

In 2018, we launched the Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces for Citrix Cloud Appliance for any sized enterprise. The solution provides an innovative way to manage and monitor all infrastructure products through a single pane of glass.

Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces Suite

In 2018, we launched the Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces Suite to give overall management and user experience monitoring to IT admins and optimize Citrix investments.


The future is clear for us…

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A bit more about us…

At Flexxible IT, our DNA focuses on making sure our products can be deployed quickly and easily, that they are easy to manage, and that all operations are orchestrated and constantly monitored, especially the end-user experience.

As a supplier and manufacturer of virtualization technology, Flexxible IT has a technical team that specializes in the three main areas of virtual workspaces: Product, Support and Consulting. Each area specializes in optimizing their service and offering excellent quality at all times.

Our values are teamwork, cooperation, commitment to our customers and complete dedication to our customers’ projects.

Our motto: Effortlessly achieve end-user and IT Administrator’s satisfaction, letting you concentrate on your business performance!

Flexxible IT has its own offices all around the world, covering the USA from Fort Lauderdale, and Europe from London and Barcelona.

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