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### Digital transformation is inevitable.   

### The desktop of the future will not be as we know it today. 

We all experience change in our workplace, whether it’s where and when we want to work, how we collaborate, which applications we require or which devices we use.  The pressure is on IT departments to keep up with the ever-changing work demands, whilst maintaining security and agility. To meet these demands we need a new approach to solve the common challenges that hold back company-wide desktop transformation. 

The recent Flexxible IT virtual desktop survey has highlighted that the common challenges and barriers to digital workspace adoption have remained the same over the years. Without a new approach, desktop transformation will continue to suffer from these challenges.  

**Survey Results** 

From end of 2018 to early 2019, Flexxible IT conducted an industry survey with organizations using Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop technology across all sectors. The aim was to understand current desktop challenges and their plans over the next two years. 

The results identify common key challenges faced by organizations and provides valuable insights to IT professionals reviewing their own technology and future development plans. 

From the IT managers interviewed, 26% of organizations had virtualized 75% or more of their desktop estate with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops. It is interesting to take a deeper look at why this is. 

**Key Findings** 

The survey found the three top concerns amongst IT managers are: 

• 48% Issues with virtualizing apps 

• 48% User performance issues 

• 25% Predicting the impact of changes 

When asked if they were planning any changes to their Citrix desktop estate within the next 2 years, the top three answers were: 

• 54% Upgrade to latest version of Citrix 

• 44% Upgrade to windows 10 

• 23% Upgrade the infrastructure to Hyperconverged 

The respondents provided an insight into the biggest barriers to Citrix desktop adoption within their organization. These are: 

• 58% Cost 

• 33% Complexity 

• 29% Performance 

When asked for more details, there were some common comments around system management challenges, application compatibility and considerations in moving to the cloud, with cost still listed as a key consideration. 

Key areas of improvement followed a common trend towards performance including logon times, user experience (how do the users feel in using virtual desktops? Is their desktop easier to use?), and stability and complexity of the environment. Performance versus traditional physical desktops was also an area for improvement. 

Other areas stated for improvement included: 

• Management and integration with legacy versions 

• More APIs 

• Multimedia/Video (GPU intensive tasks) 

• Automation of third party applications 

• Multi-tenant management 

• Proactive alerting 


The survey has highlighted that over the years the common challenges and barriers to digital workspace adoption have remained the same.  So how do organizations address these challenges to ensure virtual desktops and applications perform as well as or better than physical desktops? How can businesses provide access to key applications and data to all users ensuring employee productivity? And most importantly, how do organizations stay in control of costs? 

For organizations to gain the maximum benefit from digital transformation, the widest number of users and applications need to be a key measurement of the project success.  Organizations need to understand which applications have the biggest impact of users and what resources are required. 

Digital transformation is inevitable.  The desktop of the future will not be as we know it today and we need to be ready to change. 

**About Flexxible IT** 

At Flexxible IT we have been working hard to address the challenges of modern workspace adoption. We can help you to intelligently and rapidly transform your infrastructure, drastically improve adoption and expand the use of Citrix Workspaces. Our solutions enable IT to simplify deployment and lifecycle management, quickly scale infrastructure, and deliver users the ultimate Citrix Workspace experience. 

Over the last 10 years, by working closely with our customers, we have developed solutions that enable a smarter way to deliver, manage and support Citrix digital workspaces whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

Organizations choose Flexxible IT because we have the skills, knowledge and solutions to deliver the best digital workspace experience.  Accelerate your transformation to the digital workspace with more control, less risk and complexity. 

[Contact us](https://www.flexxible.com/contact) to find out we can help you de-risk and accelerate your digital transformation projects. 

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