Apps2Digital: Achieve Digital Employee Experience Greatness

Apps2Digital: Achieve Digital Employee Experience Greatness

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Blog, FlexxAnalyzer

The last 20 months have forced many companies from an on-premises workforce to a primarily remote workforce to a permanent hybrid workforce. Let’s define what a ‘hybrid worker’ really is:

  1. This is an employee who can work remotely from anywhere on any type of network.
  2. This is an employee who may come to an office a few times a week.
  3. This is an employee who might use their own equipment.
  4. This is an employee who is primarily not very tech-savvy.
  5. This is an employee who needs to get their job done no matter the scenario.

The question is, how do we keep the employee happy and ensure a satisfying digital employee experience?


The Hybrid Worker Conundrum

Being a hybrid worker has its perks but can sometimes be challenging. Things like:

  1. Being able to connect to their digital workspace from any device reliably.
  2. Being able to access their business-critical applications seamlessly.
  3. Being able to multi-task between various applications.
  4. Being able to collaborate with their team members effectively.
  5. Being able to leverage any software resources without interruption.

Managing hybrid workers seems easy when on the outside looking in, but there are cost issues, security issues, continuity issues, and maintenance issues behind the scenes. IT departments are constantly faced with operating system patches and updates, application updates, and security updates. Wrap this all together, and you get an increased potential for digital employee experience issues.

  1. Windows 11 – To Update or Not To Update: Windows 11 is touted as “optimized for hybrid working” and released with some new features and improvements. Things like collaboration, productivity, performance, and security are front and center. Microsoft even reorganized the start menu and tweaked the taskbar. It gets interesting with the hardware requirements, and in many cases, most folk will have to upgrade their hardware. The question remains, should we run out and update to Windows 11?
  2. Microsoft AVD – Move to Cloud or Not: The cloud continues to be top of mind to many enterprises, and the last 20 months have exasperated the issue further. Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has been the primary focus with the move to hybrid work and leaves many folks wondering, is it worth it? Things like cost, scalability, security, and access allure enterprises to pilot and eventually move to Microsoft AVD. The problem still lingers, will my employees’ digital experience be impacted if I move to a cloud-based workload. How will this move affect my hosted applications? Is this solution a one size fits all?
  3. Applications – Install Update or Not: Applications are the lifeline of most hybrid workers. Whether SaaS, hosted, web, locally installed, or user-installed, applications will be the bane of IT’s existence. Microsoft 365, as an example, was recently updated on December 14th with resolved issues and security updates. As an enterprise, you are grappled with whether to run with the Current Channel, Monthly Enterprise Channel, or Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel? Or do you install Microsoft Office TTSC 2021 and maintain that moving forward? Finally, when Microsoft releases a new feature within Microsoft 365, how will this impact my digital employee experience?

The reality is, these questions cannot be answered until you fully understand your environment, but more importantly, understand the applications within that environment and how they are used.

Employee Experience can be Objective

Most solutions that tout addressing Digital Employee Experience (DEX) are based on collected, assessed, and then measured data. From there, enterprise IT can make a subjective opinion on the state of their employees. Sure, this works, but does it mean our employees are happy?


Flexxible IT’s Apps2Digital platform is more than just an assessment and migration tool; it can also layer in objective inputs along the migration journey to ensure our employees are satisfied. What if you could poll your employees at each step to ensure the data collected is accurate and add objectivity to each migration step. This is possible, and recently in Apps2Digital we have launched the ability to poll employees to gather direct feedback.

  1. Discover: Understanding your environment will help you plan accordingly for any type of migration. You can discover how many active devices you have in the organization, what operating systems are deployed, what applications are installed, and if those applications are being utilized. Polling in this process can assess many variables to put objectivity behind the data being gathered.
  2. Assess: Once you have the data in hand, you can group your apps into (as an example) sales, marketing, IT, and more. You can also categorize your applications into categories such as critical, departmental, virtual apps, and more. From here, you can assess if users are actually using the application, their versions, and the impact the applications have on the overall environment. Polling in this process can allow you to dig deeper into various applications and the experience.
  3. Manage: The data collected is valuable and can help you make critical decisions. Can I move to a cloud-based workload? What employees would be ideal for session-based computing? What applications could require a dedicated host? What employees are candidates for a dedicated virtual desktop? Couple these questions with polls and add day-to-day reality to the data.
  4. Package and Deploy: Migrating can now commence, whether moving to a hosted desktop, a new operating system, creating an MSIX package, or moving to a cloud-based scenario. Flexxible IT can automate and migrate you with ease and maintain a digital employee experience. You can even follow up with a poll post-install or migration to get objective input for how happy your employees really are.
  5. Achieve Digital Employee Experience Greatness: Getting to a place where your employee digital experience is good, but understanding their digital wellbeing is the last mile to achieve digital employee experience greatness. Digital Wellbeing by Flexxible IT takes digital employee experience and wraps it with reality. This balances being productive versus optimal wellbeing.

The Path to Hybrid Worker Happiness

Apps2Digital is not your standard app modernization platform or digital employee experience platform. Data is one aspect, but truly understanding the employee behind the data will lead you to achieve digital employee experience greatness! It couples data with objective inputs and twines them with day-to-day productivity and wellbeing data points, giving insight into your employees’ true happiness.


For more information on Flexxible IT’s Apps2Digital, click HERE.

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